"Brought clarity to our thinking"

Eva helped us understand what the most important leadership attributes were for our future growth and that shaped the recruitment strategy for adding talent to the team. 
General Manager
Microsoft Corp
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"Attuned to helping accelerate our organisation’s transformation"

Eva has contributed to strengthening the capability and impact of key leadership teams throughout the company, both in the UK and the EMEA region.
Andrea Winfield,
HR Director
Microsoft UK
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"Understanding of the complexities of leadership"

Eva has a subtle, powerful ability to draw out the best from people as they form a team. 
Richard Zaltzman,
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"Strongly grounded in the business needs"

Eva was particularly skilled at shaping organisational development interventions which were strongly grounded in the business needs of the organisation rather than acting in isolation.
Helen Buckingham,
Senior Fellow
Nuffield Trust
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"Deep understanding of business drivers"

I have worked with Eva on multiple assignments over twelve years. She has consistently demonstrated a deep understanding of business drivers and how to build team effectiveness to maximise results.
Roberto Funari,
Global FMCG Leader
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"Innate ability to engage"

Eva’s approach is grounded in her ability to really understand your business and its nuances.
FTSE 250 company
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