"Deep understanding of business drivers"

“I have worked with Eva on multiple assignments over twelve years. She has consistently demonstrated a deep understanding of business drivers and how to build team effectiveness to maximise results.

Eva has provided essential support with shifts in business strategy for alignment of senior leaders and has also worked in a 1:1 coach capacity. Her genuine insights and high-quality feedback have proven to be a determining factor for successful leadership transitions.

In my experience with Eva, she has always been committed and caring for my success as a leader beyond formal projects.”

Roberto Funari,

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Strongly grounded in the business needs

Eva was particularly skilled at shaping organisational development interventions which were strongly grounded in the business needs of the organisation rather than acting in isolation.
Helen Buckingham,
Senior Fellow
Nuffield Trust

Engaging and well structured

Eva worked closely with me to ensure her Board effectiveness report was both independent and focussed on the critical governance issues we knew we needed to improve upon.
Noel Gordon,
former Chair
NHS Digital

Powerfully engaging

Eva’s intelligent and empathetic approach in treating me as an individual, understanding who I am and modulating her interaction accordingly was powerfully engaging.
Phelim Bolger,
IFM Investors