"Powerfully engaging"

As someone who held a sceptical view of executive coaching and its ability to add value, working with Eva has opened my mind. Her intelligent and empathetic approach in treating me as an individual, understanding who I am and modulating her interaction accordingly was powerfully engaging. Together, we went on a journey to identify my strengths and weaknesses as a leader in a non-judgmental and rounded way.

This helped me identify the internal drivers and external forces that had shaped my approach. Working with Eva provided me with a set of tools to adjust long-held behaviours, the space to make adjustments and the confidence to put those adjustments into practice. This has equipped me with a deeper understanding of what leadership is, and what sort of leader I want to be. What has been the most surprising – and welcome – part of this whole process is how enriching I’ve found it professionally and personally.

Phelim Bolger,
IFM Investors

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Deep understanding of business drivers

I have worked with Eva on multiple assignments over twelve years. She has consistently demonstrated a deep understanding of business drivers and how to build team effectiveness to maximise results.

Personal and empathetic style

Eva did a very good job. As an individual she was easy to work with whilst being credible and knowledgeable. 
Ian Dilks,
Former Chair
NHS Resolution

Understanding of the complexities of leadership

Eva has a subtle, powerful ability to draw out the best from people as they form a team. 
Richard Zaltzman,