What our clients say.

  • "Eva worked closely with me as Chair and the Senior Independent Director to ensure her Board effectiveness report was both independent and focussed on the critical governance issues we knew we need to improve upon. One complex element related to our interdependencies in the wider NHS ecosystem and our external relationships.  As Chair, I particularly appreciated her willingness to adapt her approach to suit our specific context, our key issues and our wider relationships.

    Eva’s working style is engaging and well structured, creating confidence in Board members to speak freely about their experience of the Board and its effectiveness. She also brings intellectual rigour to her work. This combination meant Eva was able to contribute valuable insights on team and interpersonal dynamics to help the Board develop its effectiveness, and also to extend the discussion beyond the Board to organisational culture and leadership.

    Eva’s report made clear recommendations on areas of Board strength and areas for development with a focus on continuous improvement; she supported her recommendations with a prioritised and practical action plan which provided a valuable framework for the next phase of the Board’s development."

    Noel Gordon – former Chair, NHS Digital

  • "I have worked with Eva as an executive coach, supporting my executive team in their development and supporting our strategic planning process. Eva’s approach is grounded in her ability to really understand your business and its nuances. Her strategic models are always adapted to your business and not the other way round. She has an innate ability to engage with the team and build a sense of trust that is essential to allow people to explore new ideas and to push themselves to challenge their current ways of behaving and thinking. Eva’s style is candid and robust, but with an emotional commitment and empathy that brings the team with her even in challenging discussions."

    CEO, FTSE 250 company

  • "Working with Eva is hugely valuable. She has deep knowledge of human behaviours and considerable experience of boardroom dynamics. Her observational style blended with a sustained and robust approach leads to developing pathways and solutions for Boards and individuals to optimise their effectiveness. This has particular impact with Type A people who learn to work effectively in team situations. I have been both a personal and team beneficiary of Eva’s approach which has led to better business decisions and collective ownership."

    Ed Smith, CBE – Chairman and Non-Executive Director

  • "Eva gets under your (and your organisation’s) skin; in a good way. She will understand you and your business and will work alongside you to realise your leadership potential. This is advice in action and in real-time.

    Eva’s approach is rooted in experience, insight, empathy and sound judgement. She is practical and pragmatic while also being highly professional and progressive. I have much enjoyed working with Eva: I found the experience engaging, collaborative and fun."

    Miles Scott, Chief Executive, Maidstone & Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust

  • "Eva carried out a Board Effectiveness Review for us having been recommended to me by two colleagues in the health system. We ran a competitive tender and Eva’s approach seemed distinctive whilst offering value for money.

    Eva did a very good job. As an individual she was easy to work with whilst being credible and knowledgeable. There is obviously a framework to her approach but this was tailored to the organisation’s needs and reflected the context of our role within the system.

    She has a personal and empathetic style which meant that everyone who was interviewed felt at ease and that it was a very personal discussion rather than a formal interview-checklists were not in sight. The positive feelings from these discussions created a confidence in the likely robustness of the report’s findings before it was issued. The final reporting reflected a similar approach. The main report was balanced in its conclusions, providing useful external assurance and insightful and constructive, if sometimes provoking, recommendations.

    Although this provided views on how effective the Board was the emphasis was on how we, as a team, could be better. This was supplemented by a suggested approach to measuring future progress. As chair I received further useful feedback on things that Eva had observed during the process which went beyond the scope of the report. We therefore received as an organisation an insightful and helpful report, supported by prompts on how to respond, which all Board members felt comfortable in adopting."

    Ian Dilks, Chair NHS Resolution

  • "I have worked with Eva on multiple assignments over twelve years. She has consistently demonstrated a deep understanding of business drivers and how to build team effectiveness to maximise results.

    Eva has provided essential support with shifts in business strategy for alignment of senior leaders and has also worked in a 1:1 coach capacity. Her genuine insights and high-quality feedback have proven to be a determining factor for successful leadership transitions.

    In my experience with Eva, she has always been committed and caring for my success as a leader beyond formal projects."

    Roberto Funari – Global FMCG Leader

  • "I worked with Eva on the development programme for the Executive Team of a large national Public Sector body which had been formed from the merger of two predecessor organisations. She demonstrated an impressive ability to ‘get under the skin’ of the cultures of both predecessors, and to help the newly formed team to think about what the needs of the new organisation would be, and how the team would need to work, both collectively and individually, to achieve future success.

    Eva was particularly skilled at shaping organisational development interventions which were strongly grounded in the business needs of the organisation rather than acting in isolation."

    Helen Buckingham, Senior Fellow, Nuffield Trust

  • "Eva has a subtle, powerful ability to draw out the best from people as they form a team. Working with Eva, she creates an environment where we have open, direct and very positive discussion as a new team, guiding us to understand our own strengths, and how we complement each other to create a strong, cohesive leadership team quickly. Her impact was permanent, not just whilst she was in the room, which is the first time I've seen a coach have lasting impact on the direction a team takes over several years together.

    As a coach, Eva encourages you to recognise the strengths you have as a leader, and understand where you can develop in a way that motivates change. Her understanding of the complexities of leadership and personal development are superb, which coupled with a deft approach and motivating focus make Eva exceptionally effective."

    Richard Zaltzman, Director, Microsoft

  • "Eva's expert guidance and support has been integral to my successful transition to a leadership role. Working with Eva over the past four years has been an incredible journey, where she has provided me with clear signposts and advice that was always sensitive to my context and professional environment. Eva has the rare ability to find the signal from the noise: to attentively draw-out information that is otherwise lost in your everyday workload and ensure you have a clarity on how to become a dynamic and responsible leader in an age of high-disruption."

    Charles Bradley, Managing Director at Adapt and Global Partners Digital

  • "I have had the pleasure of Eva’s coaching and counsel for many years, and during that time she has contributed to strengthening the capability and impact of key leadership teams throughout the company, both in the UK and the EMEA region. She is attuned to helping accelerate our organisation’s transformation, and has such passion and skill in supporting individual leaders to develop their impact and future career potential. Eva is both a critical partner, and now also a trusted friend – I say this because she’s truly invested in ensuring individual and organisational success for all those she works with. I appreciate her ability to understand business context quickly and that she is able to work in partnership with us at speed in shaping strategic direction, goals and initiatives. Eva also has the flexibility to support a diverse range of leadership styles, and yet is not afraid to challenge behaviour - I have come to both value and adore her candid feedback and objective observations!"

    Andrea Winfield, HR Director, Microsoft UK

  • "I have worked closely with Eva over several years, on executive coaching, board development, 360 evaluations and team review and support. She has a subtlety of approach underpinned by a keen intelligence coupled with broad experience of what makes good boards better. Insightful, not dogmatic, calm, with a freshness of style, and a pleasure to work with and learn from."

    Professor Sir Malcolm Grant CBE, Chair NHS England

  • "I have had the pleasure of working with Eva in a number of different capacities as I have built teams during my Microsoft career. Most recently I asked Eva to support me as I built a high performing leadership team for Microsoft’s UK Public Sector business. The team had a strong track record and for many the time was right for them to move up to the next stage of their own careers: I therefore had to rebuild the leadership capability for the business. Eva helped me to:

    • Clearly establish the Vision and Mission for Microsoft in the UK Public Sector
    • Create a bold business plan to double the size of the business over a five year period during a time of Public Sector austerity
    • Develop the leadership capability of the team and to support on the creation of a strong team dynamic
    • Personally coach and mentor me in my biggest career role to date

    Eva introduced me and the team to well established business models that supported the creation of the overall vision and mission for the business, brought clarity to our thinking, and created a clear, communicable strategy for our people. Eva helped us understand what the most important leadership attributes were for our future growth and that shaped the recruitment strategy for adding talent to the team. Most importantly Eva was an amazing personal coach to me and I often describe the “therapy” sessions that we had together when in true coaching style I did most of the talking and put my own thoughts together, coming away filled with energy and new clarity. Eva then supported a number of my leaders in the same way a number of whom have gone on to more senior roles as a result."

    General Manager, Microsoft Corp