Who we are.

Eva Beazley has over 25 years’ experience as a business and leadership consultant. She coaches and advises senior individuals and teams across the commercial and public sectors.


Eva started her career in investment banking and in 1994 moved into business consulting, co-founding Telos Partners in 2000 with a strong focus on sustainable business transformation. Eva deepened her skills in coaching and leadership over this period, working with a wide range of senior teams to address strategic and organisational change.

Eva went on to co-found The Leadership Gallery to help leaders develop the capability to deliver their organisation’s strategy. Here she worked at the most senior level in the NHS and in the Cabinet Office, digital publishing and global manufacturing.

In 2018, she established Weva to focus on her particular interest in board and executive level support and advice. Clients include FTSE 250, UK public sector, private equity and global multinational organisations.

Weva works with a small number of expert partners when required.

Why are we called Weva?

The weaver bird demonstrates perseverance in learning from experience and developing the skill of building a complex, elegant nest. The weaver bird adapts its individual approach every time it builds a nest, often dozens in a season, demonstrating ingenuity and increasing expertise every time. The weaver bird does what others can’t.